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Associate Degrees for Transfer

Allan Hancock College offers a streamlined way to transfer to the California State University system. The simplified process allows students who complete an Associate in Arts Transfer Degree (AAT) or Associate in Science Transfer Degree (AST) to receive priority admission into the CSU System.

Simply choose your major and complete 60 semester units of required general education coursework and major-specific lower division coursework. Students who have earned an AAT or AST are admitted to a CSU at junior standing with the opportunity to complete a baccalaureate degree with 60 additional semester units.

An AAT or AST degree guarantees admission to a California State University, but not necessarily a specific campus or major. So to stay competitive, make sure you keep your grades up and that you meet the admissions requirements for the CSU campus and major that interest you the most. It is also important that you meet with an Allan Hancock College academic counselor early in your decision process.

Transfer degrees are available in the following majors: 

Administration of Justice - AST

Agricultural Business - AST

Agricultural Plant Science - AST

Anthropology - AAT

Art: Studio Arts - AAT

Biology - AST

Business Administration 2.0 - AST

Chemistry - AST

Communication Studies 2.0 - AAT

Computer Science - AST

Early Childhood Education - AST

Elementary Teacher Education - AAT

English - AAT

Geography - AST

Geology - AST

History - AAT

Kinesiology - AAT 

Mathematics - AST

Music - AAT

Nutrition and Dietetics - AST

Philosophy - AAT

Physics - AST

Political Science - AST

Psychology - AAT

Social Justice Studies: LGBT Studies - AAT

Sociology - AAT

Spanish - AAT

Theatre Arts - AAT