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Global Studies (GBST Courses)

GBST 101 Introduction to Global Studies

3.0 units.
Acceptable for credit: Transfer CSU
Grading Method: Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass
Introduction to the phenomenon of globalization and a broad range of cultural, economic, political, and social issues confronting the globalized world today. Structured around three thematic categories:(1) culture and society,(2) governance and conflict, and (3) integrated economic systems. Designed to explore multifaceted connections among nation-states; nongovernmental organizations; ethnic, cultural, and religious groups; and populations around the world.

GBST 141 Global Economics

3.0 units.
Advisories: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in; ECON 101 - Principles of Macro-Economics ; or ECON 102 - Principles of Micro-Economics ; or ECON 121 - Business Economics ; or BUS 121 - Business Economics
Acceptable for credit: Transfer to UC, CSU
Course Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Grading Method: Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass
An introduction to international economic issues. Explores why countries trade and addresses the consequences of trade restrictions. Alternative exchange rate systems, factors that cause exchange-rate fluctuations, and the determinants of a country's balance of trade are covered. Other topics include the politics of trade policy, the impact of trade on the job market, the role of international institutions in the global economy, financial crises, global environmental issues, and international debt problems. This course is not open to students who are enrolled in or have received credit for Business 141 or Economics 141. May be taken prior to or concurrently with Econ 101 or Econ 102, or Econ 121 or Bus 121.