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Course Descriptions

Students should familiarize themselves with the Course Information link provided below concerning course descriptions. Courses are listed alphabetically and include both credit and noncredit. Each course is designated by a course prefix and course number. A descriptive title and the unit value (or course hours if noncredit course) follow the course number. The semester in which the course is usually offered is noted at the end of the course description following the grading option.

More information about Course Descriptions

Prefix Academic Subject
AB Auto Body
ACCT Accounting
AG Agriculture
AJ Administration of Justice
ANTH Anthropology
APRN Apprenticeship Training
ARCH Architecture
ASL American Sign Language
ASTR Astronomy
AT Automotive Technology
ATH Athletic Training
BASK Basic Skills (noncredit)
BIOL Biology
BUS Business
CA Culinary Arts
CBIS Computer Business Information Systems
CBOT Computer Business Office Technology
CEL Computer Electronics
CHEM Chemistry
CITZ Citizenship (noncredit)
COS Cosmetology
CS Computer Science
CWE Cooperative Work Experience
DA Dental Assisting
DANC Dance
DISA Adults with Disabilities (noncredit)
DRMA Drama
ECON Economics
ECS Early Childhood Studies
EDTC Educational Technologies
EDUC Education
EL Electronics
EMS Emergency Medical Services
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ENTR Entrepreneurship
ENVT Environmental Technology
ESL English as a Second Language
ET Engineering Technology
FASH Fashion
FCS Family and Consumer Science
FRCH French
FSN Food Science and Nutrition
FT Fire Technology
FTEC Fire Tech
GBST Global Studies
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GRPH Graphics
HEAL Health and Safety (noncredit)
HED Health Education
HIST History
HOEC Home Economics (noncredit)
HUM Humanities
HUSV Human Services
LBRY Library Skills
LDER Leadership
LE Law Enforcement
LS Learning Skills
MA Medical Assisting
MATH Mathematics
MMAC Multimedia Arts and Communication
MT Machine Technology
MUS Music
NESL English as a Second Language (noncredit)
NURS Nursing
OLDR Older Adults (noncredit)
PARN Parenting (noncredit)
PD Personal Development
PE Physical Education
PEIA Intercollegiate Athletics
PHIL Philosophy
PHSC Physical Sciences
PHTO Photography
PHYS Physics
PLGL Paralegal
POLS Political Science
PROD Professional Development
PSY Psychology
RE Real Estate
READ Reading
REC Recreation
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPCH Speech Communication
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
THEA Theatre
VEN Viticulture and Enology
VESL Vocational English as a Second Language
VOCE Vocational Community Education (noncredit)
VT Veterinary Technology
WFT Wildland Fire Technology
WFTL Wildland Fire Technology Logistics
WFTO Wildland Fire Technology Operations
WFTP Wildland Fire Technology Prevention
WKPR Workforce Preparation (noncredit)
WLDT Welding Technology