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Paralegal Studies

Award Type: Associate in Science

The A.S. Degree in Paralegal Studies is designed to provide students with education, training, and experience that will enable them to become successful paralegals and to advance in the profession. The program is also designed to help students prepare for NALA certification (National Association of Legal Assistants).

The graduate of the Associate in Science in Paralegal Studies will:

  • Recall significant paralegal issues, theories, and applications.
  • Apply paralegal principles to produce work-based learning projects.
  • Demonstrate the ability to follow instructions on assignments and class activities.

Program Requirements

A major of 36 units is required for the associate in science degree.

Required core courses (24 units):

Course Number Course Title Units
BUS 110 Business Law 3.0
CWE 149 Cooperative Work Experience OCCUPATIONAL 1.0 - 8.0 units
PLGL 101 Intro to Paralegal Studies 3.0
PLGL 102 Criminal Law & Procedure 3.0
PLGL 103 Civil Litigation 3.0
PLGL 104 Legal Research & Writing 3.0
PLGL 105 Legal Analysis & Writing 3.0
PLGL 106 Case Management 3.0
PLGL 107 Ethics for Paralegals 1.0

Plus a minimum of 12 units selected from the following:

Course Number Course Title Units
CBOT 305 Legal Office Procedures 3.0
PLGL 108 Wills and Trusts 3.0
PLGL 109 Family Law 3.0
PLGL 110 Intellectual Property Law 3.0
PLGL 112 Corporations, Partnership, LLC 3.0
PLGL 111 Tort Law for Paralegals 3.0
RE 302 Legal Aspects Of Real Estate 3.0

General Education Requirements

Degreeworks IconGeneral education requirements are groups of courses required of all degree candidates regardless of their major in addition to the program requirement courses listed above. To see what other requirements you need to fulfill, visit myHancock and click on the DegreeWorks icon.

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