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Nursing: Licensed Vocational Nursing

Award Type: Associate in Science

The LVN program, approved by the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT), is a year-long program that starts in spring and ends in fall. The program is specifically designed to provide the certified nurse assistant (CNA) with career advancement opportunities. It is part of the "ladder" programs toward registered nursing. Eligibility requirements to apply for the LVN program include completion of the program prerequisites with a "C" or better and current CNA certification. The prerequisite courses are BIOL 124 (Human Anatomy), BIOL 125 (Human Physiology), ENGL 101 (Freshman Comp: Exposition), MATH 331 (Algebra 2), and NURS 310 (Pharmacology). The student must be accepted into the LVN program to be able to enroll in NURS 310. The student has the option to receive a certificate of achievement and/or an associate degree. The student must complete the graduation requirements to obtain an associate degree. The graduate of the LVN program is eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). The LVN will have career opportunities that include, but are not limited to, clinical practice in health clinics, hospitals, long-term care, school systems, home health, prison and corrections systems, insurance positions, etc.

The graduate of the Associate in Science in Nursing: Licensed Vocational Nursing will:

  • Practice nursing that is patient-centered, caring, culturally sensitive and based on the physiological, psychosocial and spiritual needs of patients.
  • Serve as a member of the interprofessional healthcare team to promote continuity of patient care.
  • Use best practice resources and current evidence as a basis for nursing practice.
  • Promote quality improvement by contributing to the implementation of care-related plans to improve healthcare services.
  • Provide a safe environment for patients, self, and others.
  • Use information technology in the provision of patient care.
  • Practice nursing in a professional, ethical, and legal manner.

Program Requirements

A major of 47 units is required for the associate in science degree.

Fall Semester

Course Number Course Title Units
NURS 310 Pharmacology 3.0

First/Spring Semester

Course Number Course Title Units
NURS 311 Medication Administration 1.5
NURS 317 Fundamentals of Nursing 3.5
NURS 318 Clinical Lab 1 8.0
NURS 323 Respiratory Conditions 2.0
NURS 329 Endocrine and Reproductive Conditions 2.5

Second/Summer Semester

Course Number Course Title Units
NURS 320 Care of Older Adults 2.0
NURS 327 GI and Urinary Conditions 2.5
NURS 328 Clinical Lab 2 3.0
NURS 335 Skin and Musculoskeletal Conditions 2.5

Third/Fall Semester

Course Number Course Title Units
NURS 322 Maternal and Infant Health 2.0
NURS 330 Care of Infants and Children 1.5
NURS 331 Cardiovascular Conditions 2.0
NURS 332 Neurosensory Conditions 2.0
NURS 337 Professional Relationships 1.0
NURS 338 Clinical Lab 3 8.0

General Education Requirements

To see what other General Education requirements you need to fulfill in addition to the courses listed above, visit your myHancock account and select the DegreeWorks button in the Academic Profile widget.

More information on graduation requirements


Last Modified Mar 29, 2024