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Latino/a Studies

Award Type: Associate in Arts

The Latino/a Studies program provides general structured study in the heritage of Latinos/as, and fosters a fundamental understanding of their history, culture, and aesthetics. The particular courses in this program require students to develop competence in, and an understanding of, the history, culture, and aesthetics of Latinos/as, as well as issues and realities in the Latino/a community. Completion of the Latino/a Studies program enhances students’ qualifications for service or professional employment in education, politics and government, municipal and urban planning, social work, community arts and development, union organizing and labor relations, and public or business policy.

The graduate of the Associate in Arts in Latino/a Studies will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history and reality of Latinos/as in the United States and the Americas.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Latino/a culture, as well as an understanding of the cultural expressions of 
Latinos/as including language, literature, art, dance, and cinema.
  • Distinguish variations within the Latino/a community with respect to history, geography, class, culture, 
gender, and ethnicity.

Program Requirements

A major of 24-25 units is required for the Associate of Arts degree.

Required core courses

Course Number Course Title Units
HIST 119 History of California 3.0
HIST 120 Chicano History 3.0
SOC 120 Race and Ethnic Relations 3.0
SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I 5.0
SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II 5.0

Plus a minimum of 2 courses from the following:

Course Number Course Title Units
ANTH 102 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3.0
ART 105 Art History of Mexico 3.0
DANC 140 Ballet Folklórico I 2.0
ENGL 148 Hispanic Literature in Translation 3.0
FILM 103 Contemporary Latin American Film 3.0

General Education Requirements

To see what other General Education requirements you need to fulfill in addition to the courses listed above, visit your myHancock account and select the DegreeWorks button in the Academic Profile widget.

More information on graduation requirements


Last Modified Mar 29, 2024