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Award Type: Associate in Science

The objective of the A.S. Degree in Entrepreneurship is to help students obtain the comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. Both theoretical concepts and application of theory will be provided. The program will prepare students to start and operate a business by helping them to develop innovative ideas, evaluate business opportunities, write a business plan for a business startup, and promote an existing business. Students will develop an understanding of the complex tasks faced by individuals starting and sustaining a small business.

The graduate of the Associate in Science in Entrepreneurship will:

  • Recall significant entrepreneurship issues, theories and applications.
  • Apply entrepreneurship principles to produce work-based learning projects.
  • Demonstrate the ability to follow instructions on assignments and class activities.

Program Requirements

A major of 36 units is required for the degree.

Semester 1 (Fall) Required Courses (9 units):

Course Number Course Title Units
BUS 102 Marketing 3.0
CBOT 337 Presentation Design - PowerPoint 3.0
CBIS 337 Presentation Design - PowerPoint 3.0
ENTR 101 Intro to Entrepreneurship 3.0

Semester 2 (Spring) Required Courses (9 units):

Course Number Course Title Units
BUS 106 Small Business Management 3.0
BUS 110 Business Law 3.0
CBOT 333 Business Desktop Publishing 3.0

Semester 3 (Fall) Required Courses (9 units):

Course Number Course Title Units
BUS 390 Business Entrepreneurship Law 3.0
BUS 111 Internet Marketing 3.0
ENTR 102 Entrepreneurship Projects 3.0

Semester 4 (Spring) Required Courses) (9 units):

Course Number Course Title Units
ACCT 105 Introduction to Accounting 3.0
BUS 103 Advertising 3.0
BUS 107 Human Relations in Business 3.0

General Education Requirements

To see what other General Education requirements you need to fulfill in addition to the courses listed above, visit your myHancock account and select the DegreeWorks button in the Academic Profile widget.

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