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Award Type: Associate in Arts

The dance department offers training programs for both beginning and advanced students in the areas of ballet, modern, and jazz. The emphasis is on technique, choreography, and extensive performance opportunities.

The graduate of the Associate in Arts in Dance will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in two of the following dance styles modern, ballet, and jazz.
  • Exhibit accomplished technique in tap and folkloric dance.
  • Demonstrate competency through public performances.
  • Develop an informed viewpoint of dance as an art form.
  • Demonstrate choreographic skills including supervisory and effective communicative abilities.

Program Requirements

A major of 32 units is required for the degree. Demonstrated proficiency in two out of the three dance forms is required for the degree. Required core courses (19 units):

Course Number Course Title Units
DANC 101 Dance Appreciation 3.0
DANC 170 Music for Dancers 1.0
DANC 171 Dance Composition/Choreography 3.0
DANC 180 Performance Laboratory 3.0
DANC 182 Technical Production Lab 3.0
DANC 183 Dance Ensemble 3.0
DANC 185 Intro to Performance Skills 3.0

Select 2 of the following (6 units):

Course Number Course Title Units
DANC 115 Advanced Modern Dance 3.0
DANC 125 Advanced Ballet 3.0
DANC 135 Advanced Jazz 3.0

Select 1 of the following (2 units):

Course Number Course Title Units
DANC 140 Beginning Folklorico 2.0
DANC 152 Beginning Tap 2.0

Plus a minimum of 5 units selected from the following:

Course Number Course Title Units
DANC 133 Hip Hop Dance 2.0
DANC 142 Intermediate Folklorico 0.5
DANC 145 Folklorico Zapateados 0.5
DANC 148 Folklorico Concert Production 3.0
DANC 151 Clinic In Tap 0.5
DANC 153 Intermediate Tap 2.0
DANC 154 Clinic in Partnering 1.0
DANC 155 Clinic in Pilates 0.5
DANC 156 Techniques for Stretch 1.0
DANC 172 Beginning Ballroom Dance 0.5
DANC 174 Intermediate Ballroom 0.5
DANC 175 Clinic in Salsa 0.5
DANC 176 Choreography Field Work 2.0
DANC 186 Dance Production 3.0
DRMA 104 Acting I 3.0
MUS 100 Music Appreciation 3.0

General Education Requirements

Degreeworks IconGeneral education requirements are groups of courses required of all degree candidates regardless of their major in addition to the program requirement courses listed above. To see what other requirements you need to fulfill, visit myHancock and click on the DegreeWorks icon.

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