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Areas of Interest

icon with paintbrush and palette and musical notes
Are you interested in creating art through dance, music, performance, photography, technology, and/or other creative media?

Arts, Media, and

icon with computer and briefcase
Are you a person who enjoys managing money, projects and people, or is interested in starting your own business?

Business, Finances, and Informational Technology

icon with books and apple
Are you inspired to make a real difference in children’s lives by helping them learn new skills?

Education and Child

icon with person figure on an upward arrow
If you are not sure about an area of interest these programs will allow you to explore a broad general area of study.


icon with stethoscope
Are you interested in how the human body (or animal body) works and helping others (animals) live a healthy lifestyle?


icon with person running on a heartbeat line
Are you interested in developing goods, programs and services that create unique experiences for people?

Hospitality, Wellness,
and Recreation

icon with a figure welding
Are you a person who enjoys technology, solving problems, building or fixing things, and working with their hands and/or tools?

Industrial Technology
and Manufacturing

icon with book and mortarboard
Do you have a passion for literature or reading, writing and speaking in English and/or other languages?

Language and

icon with hand and degree
Do you like working with people, learning about people, understanding people or knowing the history of people?

People, Culture,
and Society

icon with a badge and a flame
Are you interested in serving your community by offering aid in emergency situations and/or make a difference in your community through public service?


icon with atom, network, gear, and calculator
Do you like making logical connections, solving problems, discovering and analyzing how something works and learning about sustainability or biology?

Science, Technology,
Engineering, Mathematics