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District Police Department

It is the mission of the Allan Hancock College Police Department to protect the educational opportunity by serving our campus community, safeguard lives and property, and maintain an environment in which learning can take place. To fulfill this mission, the police department provides a variety of public safety services for students, staff, faculty, and the campus community.

Police and public safety services include community outreach, crime prevention, emergency/disaster management and training, crime and accident investigations, lost and found property control, parking management and control, securing campus buildings, and security/safety escort services.

We strive to work collaboratively and cooperatively with all members of the college and campus community in providing comprehensive, community-centered, and professional police services where our vibrant and diverse community can thrive.

The police department is staffed by state-certified police officers, clerical and dispatch staff, campus security officers, student clerks- parking control, and volunteers. Campus police officers have full peace officer authority status in the State of California and are trained under state guidelines and mandates. Police officers patrol campus properties in Santa Maria and the Lompoc Valley in marked and unmarked police vehicles, enforcing the laws of the State of California, and support the rules and regulations of Allan Hancock College.

To contact the Santa Maria campus, call 805-347-7557 (business hours, evenings, or weekends); or 911 (emergency). To contact the Lompoc Valley Center, call 805-347-7557 (business hours, evenings, or weekends); or 911 (emergency). Emergency call boxes (Blue Light Phones) at the Santa Maria Campus and Lompoc Valley Center are located in various parking lots with preset police buttons.

Campus police encourages all criminal or suspicious activity be reported immediately to the Hancock Police Department to maintain our safety on campus. All criminal or suspicious activity reported will be assessed for the level of police response needed.

The Hancock Police Department uses the RAVE mobile safety system to notify subscribers of emergency situations or conditions on campus. RAVE mobile safety is an emergency mobile alerting system that sends a text message to the subscriber’s cell phone in cases of emergency. The Hancock Police Department strongly recommends all students, faculty, and staff to subscribe via myHancock,

The Hancock Police Department has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with both the Santa Maria Police Department and the Lompoc Police Department for coverage of the campuses after hours, weekends, and holidays. These Memorandums of Agreement also provide additional police support for specialized and complex investigations and additional staffing responses for large scale incidents.

Penal Code Section 290.01, effective October 28, 2002, requires persons classified as serious and high-risk sex offender registrants to register with the Hancock Police Department per Penal Code requirements. Questions should be directed to the department at805-347-7557. Please see for more information.