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Allan Hancock College is a member of the Western State Conference and competes in the California Community Colleges System in athletics under the direction of the California Community College Athletic Association. Hancock football competes within the Southern California Football Association, the National North Division.

Hancock provides a wide range of intercollegiate sports for both men and women. Men’s sports include baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer, swimming, and track and field. Women’s sports include basketball, soccer, softball, swimming, cross-country, track and field, and volleyball.

To be eligible for intercollegiate sports, athletes must be enrolled in and attending 12 units of class work. At least nine of the 12 units shall be attempted in courses counting toward the associate degree, remediation, transfer and/or certification, as defined by the college catalog, and are consistent with the student-athlete’s educational plan.

To remain eligible in subsequent semesters, students must satisfactorily complete 24 units with a 2.00 grade point average between seasons of competition and complete a minimum of 6 units during the previous full-time term, prior to the second season of sport. Of the 24 semester units, 18 units shall be consistent with the criteria listed above. Questions on athletic eligibility should be referred to the athletic eligibility technician in the Admissions and Records office, or to the associate dean/athletic director, Kinesiology, Recreation, & Athletics.

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

Under the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act of 1994, Section 360B of Pub.L.103-382, Hancock must provide specific information about its athletic programs for inspection by students, prospective students, and the public by October 30 of each year for the previous reporting year. Such information is available online at

In compliance with State and Federal Title IX laws pertaining to equitable opportunities for men and women, respective community colleges, governed under the California Community College Athletic Association, must complete and report the three-part test as indicated on the Form R-4. The three part test includes: participation proportionate to full-time undergraduate enrollment, continued program expansion, or fully and effectively accommodating the underrepresented gender.