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Student Government and Activities

(Allan Hancock College Board Policy 5400)

Student government at Allan Hancock College is a vital instrument of the student body, providing a means by which a responsible student body may manage its own affairs, and affords an avenue of communication for student opinions and recommendations. Participation offers the student an opportunity to enrich their college experience by participating actively in campus activities and to develop qualities of leadership and cooperation while working with students, faculty and administration in a variety of situations.

The Associated Student Body Government of Allan Hancock College will strive to:

  • Represent the needs, interests and perspectives of AHC students at every level of decision making within the college, to regional and state organizations and nationally as necessary and appropriate to promote and encourage student success; 
  • Provide students with opportunities to engage in learning and leadership as well as governing processes and parliamentary procedure;
  • Support a vibrant student life on campus consisting of extracurricular activities and events that encourage cultural diversity, unity and college pride in order to enhance the general welfare and academic success of AHC.

The concerns of the student government are many and they encompass a wide variety of services which touch every student. There are student representatives on a number of campus-wide governance and policy making committees, including college hiring committees.

The Student Government is the executive arm of the Associated Student Body. Members of the Associated Student Body Government (ASBG) strive to increase communication between the administration, the faculty and the students. The Student Government provides an organized channel for support of major campus events.

ASBG elections are held in the spring, but petitions may be submitted in the fall for unfilled offices and committee appointments. Student Government meetings are scheduled each Monday at 12:30 p.m. in the Rabobank Student Center (Room G106A) and are open to the public.

Clubs and organizations are an integral part of campus life at Allan Hancock College. Active clubs on campus can be viewed on the ASBG website at http://www.hancockcollege.edu/asbg/clubs.php. Information on starting a new club is also on the website.

Other programs within Student Activities include: the Leadership Program, Student Ambassadors, the Mentorship Program, and Food Share Because We Care.

Leadership Program

Leadership 111 is an introduction to leadership and skills associated with effective leadership including parliamentary procedures, group dynamics, planning and conducting activities. Self-awareness, cultural differences, ethics, communications skills, motivation, delegations, and time management as related to organizational structure.

Leadership 111 provides an opportunity for students to enhance and apply leadership skills and practice peer mentoring. Communication, team building and activity/event planning are emphasized.  

Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Program recruits qualified students to represent Allan Hancock College in a number or initiatives, serving as role models and mentors to all students. This group of trained student representatives provides the campus with an additional resource of student leaders to assist new and current students in the admissions/registration process, represent the college in outreach efforts, assist in campus wide events, and promote the image of Allan Hancock College, including appearing in college promotional materials.

Student Ambassadors represent a group of positive, enthusiastic, and well-informed representatives of the student body of Allan Hancock College, who are interested in working with faculty, staff, and students to promote the college’s programs and services.  


The Allan Hancock College Mentorship Program pairs successful community leaders with Allan Hancock College students looking for educational advice, career guidance, and life lessons. Mentoring is a true fulfillment of Hancock’s motto: Start Here, Go Anywhere. 

Each mentor is paired with a student (the mentee) who has been chosen because he or she is bright, willing to learn, and eager for educational, personal, and professional advancement.  

Food Share Because We Care

Hancock students can pick up free non-perishable food and produce every Thursday of the month at the Rabobank Student Center patio, located on the south side of building G, starting at 11:30 a.m. and at the Lompoc Valley Center quad starting at 4 p.m. On the first and third Thursday of each month, food will also be distributed outside the Joe White Memorial Gymnasium (building N) at approximately 12 p.m. Food is provided by the Santa Barbara County Foodbank and the Allan Hancock College Foundation and is available to all Hancock students.  

For additional information on these programs/services, contact the Student Activities department at 1-805-922-6966 x3229.