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Two Dimensional Studio Art

Award Type: Certificate of Achievement

The Two-Dimensional Studio Art Certificate serves the goal of providing a certificate of achievement for competitive placement in entry-level work in areas such as museums, galleries, graphic design, set design, newspapers, etc.

The graduate of the Certificate of Achievement in Two Dimensional Studio Art will:

  • Utilize the concepts, materials, and processes involved in the creation of visual art throughout history by participation in discussions, gaining knowledge of terminology, and successful completion of projects and assignments.
  • Participate in a variety of visual arts, demonstrating accomplishment of skills, techniques, and processes involved in their creation, through a portfolio of work.

Program Requirements

A major of 18 units is required for the certificate.

Course Number Course Title Units
ART 107 Introduction to Digital Art 3.0
ART 122 Life Drawing 1 3.0
ART 110 Design 1 3.0
ART 124 Mixed Media 1 3.0
ART 120 Drawing 1 3.0
ART 151 Painting 1 3.0