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Recreation, Event, and Sports Management

Award Type: Associate in Science

The Associate Science degree in Recreation, Event, and Sports Management prepares students to either obtain middle level positions in the recreation, event planning/hospitality, and sports management fields or advance from entry level positions in all areas of recreation. Students can also transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Recreation, Event, and Sports Management.

The graduate of the Associate in Science in Recreation, Event, and Sports Management will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of career opportunities in the Recreation fields and understand the differences between the public, private, nonprofit, therapeutic and commercial settings.
  • Demonstrate and apply learned leadership skills in a team building classroom environment.
  • Apply and practice the skills of event planning for organizing community events.
  • Apply the principals and theories of sports management for municipal, commercial and nonprofit agencies.

Program Requirements

A major of 21 units is required for the associate of science degree. Required core courses (15 units)

Course Number Course Title Units
REC 101 Intro to Recreation Management 3.0
REC 103 Leadership in Recreation Services 3.0
REC 105 Program Planning for Recreation 3.0
REC 107 Recreational Sports Programming 3.0
WEE 149 Work Experience Education: Occupational 1.0 - 8.0 units

Plus a minimum of 6 units selected from the following:

Course Number Course Title Units
ATH 104 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3.0
BUS 102 Marketing 3.0
EMS 102 First Aid & Safety 3.0
REC 109 Outdoor & Adventure Recreation 3.0
SOC 120 Race and Ethnic Relations 3.0
COMM 102 Small Group Communication 3.0
HED 100 Social and Personal Health & Wellness 3.0
ECS 101 Child, Family and Community 3.0
ECON 101 Principles of Macro-Economics 3.0