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Nursing: Restorative Aide

Award Type: Certificate of Accomplishment

The CNA will be awarded a Restorative Aide Certificate upon successful completion of this course. The CNA is then allowed to work in physical therapy or rehabilitation environment providing care.

The graduate of the Certificate of Accomplishment in Nursing: Restorative Aide will:

  • Contrast the responsibilities of nursing, physical therapy and the restorative aide in producing the maximum rehabilitation possible for the resident and the importance of a team approach for optimum results.
  • Identify regulations that apply to rehabilitative/restorative nursing.
  • Identify disabilities that could benefit from restorative care.
  • Accurately document restorative care.
  • Demonstrate competence in performing restorative techniques.

Program Requirements

A total of 1.5 units is required for the certificate.

Course Number Course Title Units
NURS 420 Restorative Aide 1.5