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Human Services: Advanced Helping Skills 2

Award Type: Certificate of Accomplishment

Recipients of the Advanced Helping Skills 2 Certificate will possess a set of interconnected skills and knowledge that go beyond and enhance the interpersonal helping skills and knowledge that the other Human Services certificates provide. The skills and knowledge that they will gain include (1) Happiness, Thriving, and Ability to Cope, and (2) Consciousness and Alteration of Conscious States. They will be able to list practices associated with positive emotion, life satisfaction, and personal thriving; and they will know how to deal effectively with their own emotions and the emotions of others. In addition, they will understand the human need to alter mental and emotional states; be able to list methods that people use for doing so; grasp the difference between constructive, healthy methods, and destructive, unhealthy ones; and be able to practice methods that engender constructive, healthy mental and emotional states.

The graduate of the Certificate of Accomplishment in Human Services: Advanced Helping Skills 2 will:

  • describe how to respond to an angry client.
  • teach another person a basic meditation technique.
  • explain how to prepare a client to become a member of a Twelve Step program.

Program Requirements

A total of 9 units is required for the certificate.

Course Number Course Title Units
HUSV 122 States Of Consciousness: A Multidisciplinary Exploration 3.0
HUSV 127 Emotional Intelligence 3.0
HUSV 128 Positive Psychology 3.0