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Human Services: Advanced Helping Skills 1

Award Type: Certificate of Accomplishment

Recipients of the Advanced Helping Skills 1 Certificate will possess a set of interconnected skills and knowledge that go beyond and enhance the interpersonal helping skills and knowledge that the other Human Services certificates provide. The skills and knowledge that they will gain fall under the following three rubrics: (1) Professional Ethics; (2) Meditation and Mindfulness; and (3) Motivational Interviewing.

The graduate of the Certificate of Accomplishment in Human Services: Advanced Helping Skills 1 will:

  • Explain the ethical duties of a helping professional regarding confidentiality.
  • Explain how helping professionals may create resistance and describe one form of non-confrontational communication.
  • Describe how to meditate.

Program Requirements

A major of 9 units is required for the certificate. Required core courses:

Course Number Course Title Units
HUSV 112 Motivational Interviewing and Nonconfrontational Approaches 3.0
HUSV 126 Meditation, Mindfulness, and Stress Reduction 3.0
HUSV 135 Ethics for Human Services Professionals 3.0


Last Modified Apr 16, 2024