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Emergency Medical Services: Emergency Medical Technician 1 Basic

Award Type: Certificate of Accomplishment

The first phase of training in the emergency medical career structure, covering all techniques of pre-hospital emergency medical care presently considered within the responsibilities of Emergency Medical Technician 1 (Basic), as well as all operational aspects of the job which technicians are expected to perform. Special content of the course is based on the guidelines and authority of Title 22, Division 9, of the California Code of Regulations, as well as the U.S. Department of Transportation Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Standard National Curriculum. Students desiring state certification as an Emergency Medical Technician 1 (Basic) must complete 16 hours of emergency room and ambulance clinical observation time beyond the course requirements. Ambulance attendants are required to possess a certificate issued by an educational agency approved by the County Department of Health Safety. The certificate is obtained upon completion of this approved program.

The graduate of the Certificate of Accomplishment in Emergency Medical Services: Emergency Medical Technician 1 Basic will:

  • Demonstrate the skill set necessary for a successful career in Fire Service, Environmental Technology, and /or Emergency Medical Services.
  • Show knowledge of federal and state laws, regulations and codes pertaining to safety and efficiency in all risk emergencies and scenarios pertaining to fire, safety, and/or medical services.

Program Requirements

A major of 6.5 units is required for the certificate.

Course Number Course Title Units
EMS 301 Emergency Medical Services Academy- 1A 6.0
EMS 306 CPR for Healthcare Providers 0.5