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Award Type: Certificate of Accomplishment

The Certificate of Achievement in Drama provides the student with an opportunity to develop a basic foundation in theatre. The curriculum is designed to offer students training in theory and analysis as well as the practice of theatrical art forms.

The graduate of the Certificate of Accomplishment in Drama will:

  • Analyze and articulate a critical response to theatrical events employing a basic understanding of world theatre history and Western theatre tradition.
  • Recognize and describe the key figures and the breadth of achievement in world theatre history.
  • Apply appropriate, positive techniques when asked to participate as a member of a performance ensemble.

Program Requirements

A major of 15 units is required for the certificate. Required core courses (9 units)

Course Number Course Title Units
DRMA 103 Introduction to Theatre 3.0
DRMA 110 History of World Theatre 1 3.0
DRMA 111 History of World Theatre 2 3.0

Plus a minimum of 6 units selected from the following:

Course Number Course Title Units
DANC 101 Dance Appreciation 3.0
DANC 135 Jazz Dance III 3.0
DANC 152 Tap Dance I 2.0
DRMA 104 Acting I 3.0
DRMA 106 Acting II 3.0
DRMA 128 Stage Makeup 3.0


Last Modified Apr 16, 2024