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Computer Business Office Technology: Legal Secretarial

Award Type: Certificate of Achievement

Legal Secretarial is designed to provide training for specialized secretarial/administrative assistant careers in law offices, legal departments of businesses, real estate firms, and civil service. Training includes all phases of administrative/secretarial work with emphasis on business law and legal office procedures.

The graduate of the Certificate of Achievement in Computer Business Office Technology: Legal Secretarial will:

  • Demonstrate the use of software applications to accomplish appropriate tasks.
  • Analyze and solve problems related to legal office procedures and administrative operations.
  • Communicate clearly and professionally.
  • Apply proper administrative operations and procedures for business.

Program Requirements

A total of 27 units is required for the certificate.

Required core courses (27 units):

Course Number Course Title Units
BUS 107 Human Relations in Business 3.0
BUS 110 Business Law 3.0
BUS 160 Business Communications 3.0
CBOT 131 Introduction to Word Processing 3.0
CBOT 132 Advanced Word Processing 3.0
CBOT 305 Legal Office Procedures 3.0
CBOT 334 Administrative Office Procedures 3.0
PLGL 101 Intro to Paralegal Studies 3.0
PLGL 105 Legal Analysis & Writing 3.0


Last Modified Apr 16, 2024