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Computer Business Office Software

Award Type: Certificate of Accomplishment

This certificate is the foundation for students to learn the basics of computer system software and general office applications through a series of hands on coursework. The skills developed throughout the different courses will improve students’ productivity.

The graduate of the Certificate of Accomplishment in Computer Business Office Software will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of business and how they relate to information systems needs of a business.
  • Use effective written and oral communication to support business information systems needs.
  • Develop technical skills to analyze and solve problems both independently and in teams, using a variety of problem-solving approaches and selecting the appropriate software.
  • Analyze/design/develop/deploy/maintain and manage business applications.

Program Requirements

A major of 7 units is required for the certificate.

Core courses

Course Number Course Title Units
CBIS 301 Computer Fundamentals 1 3.0
CBIS 371 Intro to Excel 1.0
CBIS 372 Intro to Access 1.0
CBOT 360 Word - Basics 1.0
CBOT 361 Intro to PowerPoint 1.0