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Commercial Truck Driving

Award Type: Certificate of Competency

The Commercial Truck Driving Certificate Program prepares students to take the knowledge test required to obtain a California Commercial Learner’s Permit and prepares students to take the behind-the-wheel test. Upon passing both of these California Department of Motor Vehicle (CA DMV) tests, students will qualify for a California Commercial Driver’s License, Class A or B, required for an entry-level position in the trucking industry. Before taking the Commercial Learner’s Permit exam, students must be 1) over 18 years of age, and 2) hold a valid California Driver’s License. Before registering for the Behind-the-Wheel portion of training, students must 3) submit an authorized Medical Examination Report, 4) submit a “10 year” driving history from California DMV, 5) submit a current California CDL Learner’s Permit, and 6) submit a clear drug and alcohol screening test at a Hancock-approved medical provider. Students must receive 80% or higher on all theory course competency tests, demonstrate proficiency in all skills per the behind-the-wheel course content, and complete a minimum of 15 hours behind-the-wheel driving (California Title 13 requirement) in order to receive a certificate of Competency.

The graduate of the Certificate of Competency in Commercial Truck Driving will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of commercial vehicle control systems, reporting malfunctions, and routine maintenance.
  • Demonstrate the importance of safe commercial vehicle operation, defensive driving, speed and space management, cargo handling, and hazardous materials.
  • Interpret and apply knowledge of the regulations for commercial drivers established by the US Department of Transportation and the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Demonstrate competencies of basic maneuvers in operating a combination vehicle, including backing skills.
  • Identify potential safety concerns or issues when performing a pre-trip inspection and citing safety hazards while performing the road trip.
  • Demonstrate driving proficiency of basic skills in road training to obtain a State of California Commercial Drivers License - Class A or B.

Program Requirements

Required core courses (131-149 hours):

Course Number Course Title Units
TRCK 7802 Public Road Truck Driving 20.0 - 30.0 hours
TRCK 7800 Truck Driving Theory 12.0 - 30.0 hours