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Commercial Dance

Award Type: Certificate of Achievement

The Commercial Dance Certificate will provide foundation level courses that can be used to gain entry-level work in the fields of commercial dance. Students will be able transfer to a four-year institution or further their education. They will acquire the core skills necessary for the commercial dance industry, and they will be focused toward entering the workforce and joining dance performing community.

The graduate of the Certificate of Achievement in Commercial Dance will:

  • Demonstrate sophisticated and expressive presentation skills in stage and on-camera performance.
  • Demonstrate clear understanding of the dynamics associated with the audition and performance process.
  • Demonstrate appropriate skills and techniques needed for the competitive auditioning process.

Program Requirements

A total of 17 units is required to earn the Commercial Dance Certificate.

Required Core Courses:

Course Number Course Title Units
DANC 102 Auditioning for Dancers 2.0
DANC 104 Dancing for the Camera 2.0
DANC 107 Intercollegiate Conditioning-Dance 3.0
DANC 109 Intercollegiate Dance Team 3.0
DANC 121 Ballet Dance II 2.0
DANC 131 Jazz Dance II 2.0
DANC 139 Hip Hop Dance III 3.0