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Clothing Alterations Management

Award Type: Certificate of Competency

The certificate in clothing alterations prepares students for employment as an alterations small business owner, bridal alterationist, tailor, or fitting specialist. The certificate meets the needs of entry-level students and is designed for noncredit students who wish to transfer to a credit degree program, upgrade job skills, start their own business, or begin a new career.

The graduate of the Certificate of Competency in Clothing Alterations Management will:

  • Identify the components of a custom tailored garments.
  • Analyze the techniques of traditional tailoring and select time saving modern methods that achieve comparable results.
  • Select appropriate fabric, interfacings, and notions for a quality, tailored garment.
  • Alter a pattern of a tailored garment for a custom fit.
  • Define factors that contribute to high quality sewing.
  • Research and use sewing methods appropriate for luxury fabrics such as wool, silk, and lace.
  • Analyze a garment's need for internal support, shaping, and structure.

Program Requirements

A minimum of 544 hours is required for the certificate:

Required core courses:

Course Number Course Title Units
HOEC 7100A Beg Clothing Construction 60.0 - 68.0 hours
HOEC 7101A Clothing Construction 2 60.0 - 68.0 hours
HOEC 7103A Clothing Alterations 60.0 - 68.0 hours
HOEC 7105A Sewing With Special Fabrics 60.0 - 68.0 hours
HOEC 7108A Serger Sewing 45.0 - 51.0 hours
HOEC 7115A Fitting & Pattern Alterations 60.0 - 68.0 hours
HOEC 7106 Modern Tailoring Techniques 60.0 - 68.0 hours
HOEC 7112A Clothing Construction 3 60.0 - 68.0 hours

Plus one course selected from the following:

Course Number Course Title Units
HOEC 7110A Embroidery Machine Basics 45.0 - 51.0 hours
HOEC 7111A Creative Sewing 45.0 - 51.0 hours
HOEC 7167A