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Business: Human Resource Management

Award Type: Certificate of Accomplishment

The certificate of accomplishment in human resource management prepares students to develop and sustain a world-class workforce. Students will recall and apply significant business principles, produce work-based learning projects, and demonstrate the ability to follow oral and written instructions.

The graduate of the Certificate of Accomplishment in Business: Human Resource Management will:

  • Recall significant human resource management issues, theories, and applications.
  • Apply human resource management principles to produce work-based learning projects.
  • Demonstrate the ability to follow instructions on assignments and class activities.

Program Requirements

A total of 3 units is required for the certificate. Required core courses:

Course Number Course Title Units
BUS 363 Management: Conflict 0.5
BUS 369 Employment Law 0.5
BUS 370 Ethics and Integrity 0.5
BUS 371 Sexual Harassment Prevention 0.5
BUS 372 Workplace Diversity 0.5
BUS 396 Performance Measurement 0.5

Complete all 6 courses above or

Course Number Course Title Units
BUS 391 Human Resources Mgt: Series 3.0