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Basic Skills

Award Type: Certificate of Competency

Obtaining a high school equivalency certificate is key to better jobs, higher educational goals, and stronger life skills. This Basic Skills Certificate is designed for students who need assistance in reaching high school reading, writing, and math levels. The Basic Skills Certificate is recommended for those who didn't finish school above the 8th grade or who need a refresher in order to complete the high school equivalency certificate. Courses for the certificate will introduce students to the writing process and to reading skills that build vocabulary and analytical skills. The math course will introduce basic math including how to apply math to real life problems and how to solve multiple step problems.

The graduate of the Certificate of Competency in Basic Skills will:

  • Apply reading and writing skills to purposefully and creatively express thoughts and ideas.
  • Read and understand a wide range of literature and non-fictional texts.
  • Use standard grammar, spelling, punctuation, and editing rules.
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers.
  • Solve multiple-step problems involving whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percent.

Program Requirements

Required core courses:

Course Number Course Title Units
BASK 7011 Basic Math 32.0 - 55.0 hours
BASK 7012 Basic Reading and Writing 32.0 - 55.0 hours