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Basic Noncredit ESL

Award Type: Certificate of Completion

Basic Noncredit English as a Second Language certificate is designed for non-native English speaking students who want to effectively read, write, listen to, and speak the English language. These skills will help students to bridge the gap from survival communication skills to adequate competency for functioning in an English-speaking work and school environment. They also help students to transition to the college credit ESL program to pursue credit classes as needed to obtain an associate degree and/or jobs that require higher-level English communication skills. An ESL Computer Language Lab complements the classroom instruction and provides an opportunity to practice English skills using computer software. An ESL placement test is required to determine the level at which to begin.

The graduate of the Certificate of Completion in Basic Noncredit ESL will:

  • Demonstrate core competencies at the certificate level in reading, writing, listening to, and speaking English in order to achieve personal, vocational, and academic goals.

Program Requirements

The minimum number of hours for the certificate of completion is 120 hours.

Course Number Course Title Hours
NESL 7003 Introduction to English B 84.0 - 102.0 hours
NESL 7040 Conversations for Beginning ESL 28.0 - 48.0 hours

In addition to the courses above, one additional course is required. Select from one of the following courses:

Course Number Course Title Hours
NESL 7001 Introduction to English A 84.0 - 102.0 hours
NESL 7020 Spanish Literacy 84.0 - 102.0 hours
NESL 7000 Introduction to English: Pre-A 84.0 - 102.0 hours
NESL 550 Fundamentals of Grammar
NESL 7060 ESL Instructional Lab 8.0 - 240.0 hours


Last Modified Mar 29, 2024