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Basic Law Enforcement Academy

Award Type: Certificate of Achievement

The Law Enforcement certificate program is designed to prepare those interested in a career in the law enforcement field, either public or private. Students may enter the program as an independent recruit or sponsored by law enforcement agency. Completion of the program does not guarantee employment. Students will be tested mentally, physically and emotionally. The course of instruction includes academic, driving instruction, defensive tactics, firearms training and physical fitness training. Prior to enrollment, students will complete a background packet, complete a medical exam, obtain a clearance from the Department of Justice (DOJ) and be free of any felony conviction. Students who complete the program and obtain employment by a law enforcement agency are then allowed to enter the Field Training Program.

The graduate of the Certificate of Achievement in Basic Law Enforcement Academy will:

  • meet POST academic requirements.
  • meet POST physical fitness requirements.
  • meet military discipline/drill requirements and the POST skills requirements.
  • enter a Field Training Program of a law enforcement agency.

Program Requirements

Required core courses (20 - 23.5 units)

Course Number Course Title Units
LE 310 Introduction to Law Enforcement Academy (Pre-Academy) 1.0
LE 320 Basic Law Enforcement Academy 22.5
LE 321 Basic Law Enforcement Academy 1A 10.0
LE 322 Basic Law Enforcement Academy 1B 10.0