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Ballet Folklórico

Award Type: Certificate of Achievement

The Ballet Folklórico certificate of achievement provides the student with an opportunity to develop a basic foundation in Mexican Folkórico dance, Latin dance, ballet and history. The curriculum is designed to offer student training in Folklórico dance technique, choreography, history, wardrobe significance and performances, as well as the practice of multi-regional dance steps in Mexico.

The graduate of the Certificate of Achievement in Ballet Folklórico will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in Mexican folk-dance history.
  • Exhibit accomplished Folklorico dance technique from various regions in Mexico, and develop an informed viewpoint of Ballet Folklorico as an art form and its origins.
  • Demonstrate increased movement skill, concentration and physical control in performing Folklorico dance movement for artistic expression, through public dance concerts.

Program Requirements

A total of 16 units is required to earn the Ballet Folkórico Certificate.

Course Number Course Title Units
DANC 102 Auditioning for Dancers 2.0
DANC 120 Ballet Dance I 2.0
DANC 140 Ballet Folklórico I 2.0
DANC 142 Ballet Folklórico II 2.0
DANC 145 Folklórico Zapateados 1.0
DANC 147 Folklorico Dance History 3.0
DANC 148 Folklorico Concert Production 3.0
DANC 156 Techniques for Stretch & Wellness 1.0


Last Modified Apr 30, 2024