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Applied Professional Studies

Award Type: Associate in Science

The associate of science degree program in Applied Professional Studies prepares students for entry-level leadership positions in a variety of industries.Whether a recent high school graduate seeking a strong start to a professional journey or a working professional looking to enhance skills and broaden career prospects, the Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree in Applied Professional Studies is designed to empower students with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the ever-evolving world of work. Courses also provide a foundation for the upper division courses in baccalaureate degree programs. This program is tailored to meet the demands of today's dynamic job market, where adaptability, critical thinking, and practical expertise are highly valued. Students will recall and apply significant business and industry principles, produce work-based learning projects, and demonstrate the ability to follow oral and written instructions.

The graduate of the Associate in Science in Applied Professional Studies will:

  • Effective Communication Skills:Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in written, verbal, and digital formats.
  • Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking:Apply critical thinking skills to identify, analyze, and solve complex problems in professional settings.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork:Exhibit the capacity to work collaboratively in diverse teams.
  • Ethical and Professional Behavior:Recognize and apply ethical principles and professional standards.
  • Adaptability and Innovation:Adapt to changing circumstances, emerging technologies, and evolving industry trends.
  • Practical Application of Knowledge:Apply theoretical concepts and practical skills acquired during the program to real-world scenarios.

Program Requirements

Required core courses (18 Units)

Course Number Course Title Units
ACCT 105 Introduction to Accounting 3.0
BUS 101 Introduction to Business 3.0
BUS 104 Business Organization and Management 3.0
BUS 160 Business Communications 3.0
BUS 110 Business Law 3.0
CBIS 101 Computer Concepts & Applications 3.0

Select two courses (6 Units).

Course Number Course Title Units
ACCT 131 Financial Accounting 1 3.0
ACCT 132 Financial Accounting 2 3.0
AG 150 Introduction to Agribusiness 3.0
AG 157 Agricultural Sales, Communication & Leadership 3.0
AG 158 Agricultural Economics 3.0
BUS 106 Small Business Management 3.0
BUS 110 Business Law 3.0
BUS 121 Business Economics 3.0
ECON 121 Business Economics 3.0
BUS 141 Global Economics 3.0
ECON 141 Global Economics 3.0
GBST 141 Global Economics 3.0
CA 125 Supervision and Training Techniques 3.0
CA 126 Food Production Cost, Control and Management 3.0
ECS 111 Administration I: Programs in Early Childhood Education 3.0
ECS 150 Administration II: Personnel and Leadership in Early Childhood Education 3.0
HUSV 102 Case Management Skills 3.0
HUSV 104 Group Dynamics 3.0
HUSV 107 Serving Culturally Diverse Clients 3.0
PLGL 112 Corporations, Partnership, LLC 3.0
REC 101 Intro to Recreation Management 3.0
REC 103 Leadership in Recreation Services 3.0
REC 105 Program Planning for Recreation 3.0
VEN 105 Wine Marketing and Sales 3.0
VEN 106 Winery and Vineyard Financial Management 3.0
VEN 114 Wine Business 3.0