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Apparel Construction Certificate I

Award Type: Certificate of Completion

The Apparel Construction Certificate 1 offers an in-depth introduction to the fundamental principles and techniques of creating garments. This comprehensive program is designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry, as well as those seeking to enhance their sewing and garment construction skills. Students will gain hands-on experience in various aspects of apparel construction and gain the competency to create a well-constructed garment and interpret sewing patterns. This certificate serves as a solid basis for those aspiring to pursue advanced studies in fashion or to embark in careers in apparel production, alterations, or custom clothing creation. 

The graduate of the Certificate of Completion in Apparel Construction Certificate I will:

  • Use appropriate pattern, fabric, tools, equipment and techniques to construct and easy woven garments.
  • Operate a domestic sewing machine safely and effectively.
  • Recognize and use basic apparel construction terms.

Program Requirements

The student must complete course requirements for Satisfactory Progress to obtain the certificate of completion. A total of 144 - 162 hours. 

Course Number Course Title Units
FASN 7000 Introduction to Basic Sewing 48.0 - 54.0 hours
FASN 7001 Clothing Construction 1 48.0 - 54.0 hours
FASN 7002 Clothing Construction 2 48.0 - 54.0 hours