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Agribusiness: Viticulture

Award Type: Certificate of Achievement

Designed for students preparing for or advancing in careers such as vineyard management, pest management, fertilizer sales or irrigation management.

The graduate of the Certificate of Achievement in Agribusiness: Viticulture will:

  • Use basic ideas and concepts in viticulture, including biology, and ecophysiology of vines and grape cultivars, to work in the viticulture industry.
  • Assess and differentiate effects of viticultural activities and processes in final grapes and wines produced, including yearly activities and grape vine phenology describing alternatives to make sound viticultural decisions during the entire year to ensure quality fruit and healthy vines.
  • Identify common vineyard problems and suggest solutions.
  • Identify effects on different soils in viticulture and analyze precision viticulture practices and be able to use the information for continuous vineyard improvement.
  • Analyze costs and sustainable alternatives in viticulture.

Program Requirements

A total of 26 units is required for the certificate. Required core courses (17 units):

Course Number Course Title Units
AG 102 Introduction to Viticulture 3.0
AG 120 Viticulture Operations 1 3.0
AG 121 Viticulture Operations 2 3.0
AG 125 Soils and Plant Nutrition 4.0
AG 130 Integrated Pest Management 4.0

Plus a minimum of 9 units selected from the following:

Course Number Course Title Units
AG 101 Introduction to Winemaking/Enology 3.0
AG 103 Sensory Evaluation of Wine 3.0
AG 114 Wine Business 3.0
AG 122 Viticulture Operations 3 1.0
AG 135 Grapevine Physiology 1.0
AG 140 Viticulture Operations 4 3.0
AG 141 Viticulture Operations 5 3.0
AG 142 Viticulture Operations 6 1.0
AG 149 Cooperative Work Experience: Occupation 1.0 - 8.0 units
AG 307 Vineyard Irrigation 3.0
AG 308 Wine Analysis 3.0
AG 310 Winemaking Operations I 2.0
AG 311 Winemaking Operations II 2.0
AG 312 Advanced Viticulture 3.0
AG 314 Organic/Biodynamic Winegrowing 3.0
AG 315 Fertilizers & Plant Nutrition 4.0
BIOL 154 General Botany 5.0
CHEM 110 Chemistry and Society 4.0