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Accounting: Bookkeeping

Award Type: Certificate of Achievement

This program is designed for students preparing for, or advancing in careers in accounting and related business careers. The program is designed to prepare students a variety of beyond entry level positions such as office manager, accounts payable and accounts receivable supervisor, and accounting supervisor. Completion of this certificate will indicate to employers that these students have demonstrated proficiency in bookkeeping, payroll tax, and computer applications used in the accounting process such as QuickBooks (computer accounting software), Excel (spreadsheet software).

The graduate of the Certificate of Achievement in Accounting: Bookkeeping will:

  • Record common bookkeeping and accrual transactions in an accounting information system.
  • Explain and analyze business transactions involving assets, liabilities, equities, revenues and expenses.
  • Prepare and read a set of financial statements consisting of an income statement, statement of owner's equity, and balance sheet
  • Be proficient in the use of computer applications such as QuickBooks and Excel.

Program Requirements

A total of 18 units is required for the certificate.

Required core courses (18 units):

Course Number Course Title Units
ACCT 105 Introduction to Accounting 3.0
ACCT 317 Bookkeeping 1 3.0
ACCT 318 Bookkeeping 2 3.0
ACCT 327 Payroll Accounting 3.0
ACCT 150 Introduction to Accounting Information Systems 3.0
CBIS 141 Microsoft Excel-Comprehensive 3.0


Last Modified Apr 16, 2024