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Final grades will be made available to students as soon as possible after the end of each semester. Final grades are not mailed to students.

Subject to Education Code 76224, the grades awarded by an instructor in the absence of mistake, fraud, bad faith or incompetency are final and cannot be changed without instructor consent. All grades will be final unless the instructor reports an error in grading to the Admissions and Records office no later than three months after the end of the semester or term in which the grade was earned.

How to Check Grades:

  • Grades are accessible online by clicking the myHancock link.
  • Search Unofficial Transcripts or locate the Unofficial Transcripts tool on the left navigation under Transcripts. 
  • Select the transcript level Credit or Community Ed (noncredit)
  • Select Transcript type Web
  • If the grades have been posted for the term, you can scroll to find them on the unofficial transcript.