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Credit by Examination

Credit by examination enables a student to receive academic credit by demonstrating mastery of subject matter or skills equivalent to a specific Allan Hancock College course. Each academic department determines which courses may be challenged and is responsible for developing and administering an appropriate comprehensive examination. Students may not be currently enrolled in a course equal to or more advanced than the course to be challenged, nor may they have received previous high school or college credit for such a course.

To apply for credit by examination, a student must be enrolled in the current semester, be in good standing, and have completed a minimum of 12 units at Hancock.

Students must apply within the first week of instruction for summer session and within the first three weeks of instruction for fall and spring semesters – there are no exceptions. Units earned by credit by examination are not considered to be part of the student’s official program and will not be used for reports to Financial Aid, Veterans Administration, or similar agencies. There may be fees assessed for credit by examination. The grade received for the exam will be the grade earned for the class – there are no exceptions. The final grade will appear on the student’s official transcript and academic history clearly indicating that credit was earned by examination.

A maximum of 12 units of credit may be allowed by special examination. Petitions for Credit by Examination are available in the Admissions and Records office. All petitions must be approved by the director, Admissions and Records; the instructor administering the exam; the department chair; and the dean, Academic Affairs. Students petitioning for credit by examination must provide transcripts from all previously attended U.S. high schools and/or colleges (unofficial copies accepted) for verification that the student has not completed the course, its equivalent or a higher course at another educational institution.

Below is the list of courses that are available for credit by examination. Students may contact the Admissions and Records office to determine if additional courses are added after the catalog goes to print.

ASL 120 - American Sign Language 1
ASL 121 - American Sign Language 2
AJ 101 - Intro to Criminal Justice
AJ 102 - Criminal Procedures
AJ 103 - Concepts of Criminal Law
AJ 104 - Legal Aspects of Evidence
AJ 105 - Community Relations
AJ 120 - Juvenile Law and Procedures
AJ 130 - Intro to Corrections
AT 100 - Automotive Fundamentals
CEL 104 - Introduction to Robotics & Mechatronics
CEL 131 - Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) & Industrial Control Design
CEL 133 - Mechatronic Systems 1
EL 104 - Introduction to Robotics & Mechatronics
EL 106 - Network Essentials 1
EL 131 - Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) & Industrial Control Design
EL 133 - Mechatronic Systems 1
EMS 321 - Advanced Cardiac Life Support
EMS 322 - Pediatric Advanced Life Support
EMS 333 - Paramedic Theory
EMS 350 - Essentials of Search & Rescue
ENVT 156 - First Response Operational
ET 104 - Introduction to Robotics & Mechatronics
ET 131 - Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) & Industrial Control Design
ET 133 - Mechatronic Systems
FRCH 101 - Elementary French I
FRCH 102- Elementary French II
FT 101 - Fire Protection Organization
FT 102 - Fire Prevention Technology
FT 103 - Fire Protection Equipment & Systems
FT 104 - Building Construction/Fire Protection
FT 105 - Fire Behavior & Combustion
FT 379 - Experimental Courses in Fire Technology
MUS 110 - Music Fundamentals
MUS 111 - Music Theory 1
SPAN 101 - Elementary Spanish
WLDT 106 - Beginning Welding
WLDT 107 - Advanced Welding
WLDT 307 - G.M.A.W. Welding
WLDT 308 - T.I.G. Welding
WLDT 330 - Welding Certification
WFT 101 - Wildland Fire Behavior
WFT 102 - Wildland Firefighter Safety and Survival
WFT 104 - Wildland Public Information Officer
WFT 105 - Planning, Logistics, and Finance