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Certificate Programs

Allan Hancock College offers two types of certificate programs, Certificate of Achievement and Certificate of Accomplishment. A Certificate of Achievement has been approved by the state and will be posted on the student’s transcript. A Certificate of Accomplishment will be posted on to the student’s permanent record, but not on the student’s transcript. Certificate programs include only those courses that have a direct bearing upon specialized occupational competencies. For this reason there is no general education requirement in a certificate program.

Application Procedures

Allan Hancock College may automatically issue certificates of achievement and certificates of accomplishment to students who fulfill requirements. Until such time,please adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Students must file an application in order to receive a certificate. Applications are obtained on the Admissions and Records public website.
  2. Students who have only attended AHC may submit the application to Admissions and Records.
  3. Students who have attended another college or university must meet with a counselor to complete the certificate application.
  4. All required courses must have been completed by the end of the semester in which the student applies for a certificate.
  5. A grade of C or better is necessary in all required courses.
  6. A minimum of 25 percent of the units required for the certificate must be completed at Allan Hancock College.
  7. Official copies of all transcripts from other colleges attended must be on file in the Allan Hancock College Admissions and Records office before an application for a certificate may be submitted.
  8. Certificates are mailed within three months of the end date of the semester in which the certificate was earned.

Students who do not satisfy the requirements for the certificate for which they have applied must submit a new application during a later filing period.

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