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Viticulture and Enology (VEN Courses)

VEN 323 Vineyard and Winery Evaluation

3.0 units.
Advisories: AG 102 - Introduction to Viticulture ; and AG 101 - Introduction to Winemaking/Enology
Acceptable for credit: D - Credit - Degree Applicable
Grading Method: Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass
This course will include the data collection and process analysis of vineyards and wineries in the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. The students and instructor will perform a comparative analysis of two local vineyard/winery operations, assessing a wide range of different variables ranging from soil conditions vineyard practices and winemaking to wine sales and product distribution. Students will present detailed reports at the end of the course with findings and suggestions to the management of the selected operations, addressing their specific concerns when applicable.