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Veteran and Service Members

Credit from Military Service

To receive college credit for basic military training and active duty, all veterans and active duty military personnel must request a military transcript. Request forms are available in Financial Aid and Counseling offices. Credit for basic training will be awarded according to the ACE Guide recommendation. Transcripts may also be requested online at

In addition, a veteran may receive credit for special courses taken while in the service if those courses have been approved by the American Council on Education’s publication, “Guide to the Evaluation of Experiences in the Armed Services,” and if official notices of completion of such courses are submitted for evaluation, or if the courses are posted on the discharge paper.

This institution will conduct an evaluation of previous education and training, grant appropriate credit, shorten the veteran or eligible person’s duration of the course proportionately and notify the VA and student accordingly. Individual course evaluation by the appropriate department chair is required if the previous service school training is to be applied toward satisfying part of the general education graduation requirements or part of the student’s major.

The Allan Hancock College Veteran Success Center is located in bldg. G101 on the Santa Maria campus. 805-922-6966 ext. 3925.