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Refund of Fees

The refund deadlines for courses are listed online in Class Search within the CRN link. Students may also view course refund deadlines on their schedule bill by logging on to the myHancock portal and selecting Fees and Balances link and then the View fees and deadlines link, within the Tools section. For one-week classes, students must drop no later than the day before class begins. Students may apply for a refund online by selecting the Request refund link within the Tools section. Routine refunds are processed within 30 days.

The health fee and parking permit fee are refundable if the student drops all classes prior to the first day of the semester.

The enrollment fee, nonresident tuition fee, student representation fee, Mechanics Bank Student Center fee, physical education facilities fee, and materials fees are refundable. Classes must be dropped within 10 percent of the scheduled class time.

Canceled Classes

In the event that the college cancels a class for any reason and the student chooses not to re-enroll in another course, the student may obtain a refund of those fees. The process of obtaining the refund is the same as for voluntary withdrawals, except for the refund deadline. Refunds for classes which are canceled by the college are exempted from the posted refund deadlines.

Parking Fees

Parking fee refunds, except for Daily Permits, will be given up to the first day of the semester to those students who withdraw from all classes. To receive a refund, the student must submit to the District Police Chief, proof of withdrawal from all classes, a completed refund request form and the parking fee receipt.

Exceptions to Refund Policy

Enrollment Fees:

  1. An exception may be requested if, due to extenuating circumstances (i.e., family emergencies, illness, employment), a student was not able to drop classes by the published deadline.
  2. The extenuating circumstances must have occurred prior to the drop deadline.
  3. All situations require written verification from an official source and must have occurred prior to the refund deadline.
  4. A letter of appeal with the appropriate verification documentation and the Extenuating Circumstances Refund Request Form must be submitted to the Associate Superintendent/Vice President, Student Services. Additional information is found online at Cashier Services Refund of Fees. 

Parking Permit Fee:

All situations require written verification from an official source and must have occurred prior to the refund deadline.  A letter of appeal with appropriate documentation and the Refund Request Form should be submitted to:

Chief of Police
Allan Hancock College Police Department
800 South College Drive
Santa Maria CA 93454-6399