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Enrollment Procedures

All Students

Individuals who wish to enroll in Allan Hancock College for any credit class must provide complete and accurate information as requested by the Admissions and Records office. Some curricula have special admissions procedures and deadlines (see the Announcement of Courses section). Admission applications are to be completed and submitted online through the AHC website at

Once submitted, the admission application and any supporting documents become the permanent property of the college and will not be returned to the applicant. Applicants who fail to provide accurate information will not be considered for admission nor allowed to remain in attendance if discrepancies are discovered after enrollment.

To prevent delays in processing their registration, all new, continuing, transfer and returning students are encouraged to have their official transcripts submitted to Allan Hancock College before enrolling for their first semester. Once external transcripts are submitted, they become the property of the college and copies are not provided. Programs with special requirements such as nursing, fire academy, police academy, and athletics require a student to file all high school and college transcripts to verify eligibility. Official transcripts are required for validation or proof that course prerequisites have been met before a student may be allowed to register for a particular course. Students should consult the online class search or the college catalog for course prerequisites. Official transcripts should be directed to: 

Allan Hancock College Admissions and Records Office
Attn: Transcript Evaluator
800 S. College Dr.
Santa Maria, CA 93454-6399

External transcripts may also be sent electronically from the issuing institution to

The Admissions and Records office scans incoming high school, college, and university transcripts and maintains them digitally. Once the external transcripts are submitted, they become the property of Allan Hancock College and copies will not be provided to students.

Before registering for classes, most students will need to complete activities to achieve priority status. These priority status activities are composed of three parts:

  1. Placement in English and math (via high school and/or external college transcripts);
  2. Orientation to the college (available online via the student portal); and
  3. Create a 1st semester plan (Abbreviated SEP) with a counselor to be eligible for priority registration.
    An abbreviated student education plan (SEP) is created using DegreeWorks when students meet with a counselor. The counseling team will help students get off to a good start. Be sure to bring a current copy of your high school transcript.

To create a plan with a counselor, schedule a counseling appointment. You can also call the Counseling office at 805-922-6966 ext. 3293, or visit Counseling in bldg. A on the Santa Maria campus or bldg. 1 at the Lompoc Valley Center.