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Admission Procedure

(Allan Hancock College Board Policy 5010)

Students will be admitted to Allan Hancock College if they have graduated from an accredited high school or have passed the High School Proficiency Examination or the GED. Students who have not graduated from high school may be admitted to the college if they have attained the age of 18 and are able to benefit from instructional programs.

Hancock has adopted the use of high school course work, in the subjects of English and math, and/or coursework completed at other accredited colleges and universities to determine the student ability to benefit from the various curricula Hancock offers. In addition, the student may meet with a Hancock counselor to utilize other measures to determine placement.

All prospective students must submit a completed and signed admissions application.  The application is available online through the college website ( Returning students with a lapse of two consecutive primary terms (Fall and Spring semesters) must submit a new application. 

  1. Each person is expected to complete and sign their own application, and to provide true and accurate information. Deliberate falsification of information may result in disciplinary action.  
  2. Each person will be classified as a resident or non-resident for admission and tuition purposes based on the admissions application. (See BP 5020 for non-resident tuition & BP 5015 for residency determination.)
  3. Persons who possess or are applying for an F1 or M1 student visa may only be admitted upon submission of a completed International Student Application packet.  Holders of F1 or M1 student visas must be classified as non-residents for tuition purposes.
  4. Specific admission requirements and limitations apply to minors who are concurrently enrolled in a K-12 school, and those who are no longer attending a K-12 school.  See AP 5011 for more information on admission of minors to the college.

Applications generally open on or about October 1st for Winter and Spring terms, December 1st for Summer and Fall terms.  Consult the college website for exact dates. Once an application is processed, students will receive an email providing their Hancock ID number and instructions for activating their myHancock account and college email. This is a critical step for all students to complete as information regarding their financial aid, academic standing, waitlisted classes, registration issues and more are communicated only through myHancock and AHC email.

First-time students and first-time transfer students are encouraged to complete the Student Success activities of online orientation, check their placement results or complete assessment if needed,  and New Student group counseling in order to receive an early registration appointment. First-time students include recent high school graduates (even if they have taken classes at any college while in high school) and others who are age 18 or older and have never attended any other colleges or universities. First-time transfer students include those who have attended another college or university after high school but prior to attending Allan Hancock College. 

Returning students are former Allan Hancock College students who have not attended in a year or more.  Returning students need to reapply for admission, will receive the email verifying their and providing instructions to reactivate their myHancock account and college email. They may also need to complete one or more of the three Student Success activities if those activities were not completed in the past or if their assessment test results have expired. 

All males seeking admission to Hancock: Assembly Bill 397 (Kuykendall): Selective Service Registration (Chapter 575/1997), effective Jan. 1, 1998, requires that admissions offices at public postsecondary institutions make “every reasonable effort” to inform all male applicants for admission to the college of their obligation to register for the Selective Service. For details on how to register with the Selective Service, contact the nearest United States Post Office. The enactment of AB 397 prohibits anyone who fails to register with the Selective Service from receiving financial aid from any programs administered by the Student Aid Commission. Selective Service information is posted on the Admissions webpage and at