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Student Success and Support Program (3SP)

(Allan Hancock College Board Policy 5050)

The Student Success and Support Program, currently referenced as the Student Equity and Achievement (SEAP) Program, is a comprehensive set of student support services focused on preparing the student for the expectations of post-secondary enrollment and educational goal completion. The District shall provide Student Success and Support Program services to students for the purpose of furthering equality of educational opportunity and academic success. The purpose of Student Success and Support Program services is to bring the student and the District into agreement regarding the student’s educational goal through the District’s established programs, policies, and requirements. The Student Success Support Program will provide the community college student access and success by offering effective core matriculation services including orientation, assessment and placement, counseling, and other educational planning services, and academic interventions.

The Superintendent/President shall establish procedures to assure implementation of Student Success and Support Program services that comply with the Title 5 regulations. The District shall adopt a Student Success and Support Program plan which includes a budget describing the services provided for its students.

Each student, in entering into an educational plan, will do all of the following:
• complete orientation;
• be assessed to determine appropriate course placement;
• identify a course of study;
• identify education and career goal;
• complete an abbreviated student education plan no later than the term after which the student completes  15 semester units of degree applicable credit coursework;
• complete a comprehensive student education plan no later than the third term;
• diligently attend class;
• complete assigned coursework;
• complete course(s);
• maintain progress toward an educational goal;
• participate in the development of the student education plan.

Student Success and Support Program services include, but are not limited to, all the following:
1) orientation services designed to provide to students information concerning campus procedures, academic expectations, financial assistance, and any other appropriate matters;
2) assessment and counseling upon enrollment, which shall include, but not be limited to, all the following:

a) Administration of AB705 to determine student placement recommendations in English, English as a Second Language, and mathematics coursework;
b) assistance to students in the identification of aptitudes, interests and educational objectives, including, but not limited to, associate of arts degrees, transfer for baccalaureate degrees, and career/technical certificates and licenses;
c) evaluation of student study and learning skills;
d) referral to specialized support services as needed, including, but not limited to, federal, state, and local financial assistance; health services; mental health services; campus employment placement services; extended opportunity programs and services; campus child care services programs that teach English as a second language; and; learning assistance program;
e) advisement concerning course selection;
f) follow-up services required advisement or counseling for students who are enrolled in remedial courses, who have not declared an educational objective as required, or who are on academic probation/dismissal;
g) the provision of information, guided by sound counseling principles and practices, using a broad array of delivery mechanisms, including technology-based strategies to serve a continuum of student needs and abilities, that will enable students to make informed choices.
h) Faculty and staff training
The District shall not use any assessment instrument except one specifically authorized by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges.

The District shall do all the following:
• Inform students of their rights to access transfer-level coursework in English, mathematics (or quantitative reasoning), credit English as a Second Language and of the multiple measures placement policies or other college placement processes including the availability of challenge processes;
• Include information about the student's course placement options in the college catalog, in orientation and advisement materials, on the college's website, and in any written communication by counseling services;
• Provide annual reports to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office in a manner and form described by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office; and
• Publicly post the college’s placement results, including the number of students assessed and the number of students placed into transfer-level coursework, transfer-level coursework with concurrent support, or transfer-level or credit English as a Second Language coursework, disaggregated by race and ethnicity.

New students who complete orientation, advisement, math and English placement process, and an abbreviated student educational plan receive priority enrollment. Administrative Procedure 5055, Enrollment Priorities, provides information on priority enrollment.


Student Success: Appeals Procedure

If a student feels that placement, orientation, counseling, course prerequisites, or any other student success procedure or service is being applied in a discriminatory manner, an appeal may be filed with the dean, Student Services. Within 10 working days of the receipt of the appeal, the student will be notified of the college’s proposed response to the complaint and any additional steps which will be taken.

If a student believes the prerequisite has been met by other means, an appeal for prerequisite equivalency can be filed with the dean, Student Services.

All pre and/or corequisites that are stated in this catalog have been established according to policy approved by the Allan Hancock College Board of Trustees.