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Board of Trustees

  • Gregory A. Pensa, President
  • Hilda Zacarías, Vice President
  • Alejandra Enciso
  • Jeffery C. Hall
  • Suzanne Levy, Ed.D.

Administrative Personnel

  • Superintendent/President: Kevin G. Walthers, Ph.D.
  • Associate Superintendent/Vice President, Academic Affairs: Robert Curry, Ph.D. 
  • Associate Superintendent/Vice President, Finance and Administration: Dennis Curran
  • Associate Superintendent/Vice President, Student Services: Genevieve Siwabessy, Ed.D.
  • Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness: Paul Murphy, Ph.D.


  • Dean, Academic Affairs: Sean Abel, Ph.D.
  • Dean, Academic Affairs: Mary Patrick, Ph.D.
  • Dean, Academic Affairs (Community Education): Sofia Ramirez-Gelpi, Ph.D. 
  • Dean, Academic Affairs: Rick Rantz
  • Dean, Academic Affairs: Thomas Lamica
  • Dean, Student Services, Financial Aid, Learning Assistance Program (LAP): Mary Dominguez 
  • Dean, Student Services, Counseling and Matriculation: Yvonne Teniente-Cuello
  • Associate Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics & Recreation: Kim Ensing
  • Associate Dean/Artistic Director, PCPA: Mark Booher
  • Associate Dean, Public Safety: Mitch McCann


  • Executive Director, College Advancement: Jon Hooten, Ph.D.
  • Director, Admissions and Records: David Vasquez, Ed.D.
  • Director, Auxiliary Accounting: Keli Seyfert 
  • Director, Business Services: Laura Becker
  • Director, Cal-SOAP: Diana Perez
  • Director, Children's Center: Maria Suarez
  • Director, EOPS and Special Outreach: Siboney Guardado
  • Director, Human Resources: Ruben Ramirez
  • Director, Asst., Human Resources: Janeal Blue
  • Director, Information Technology Services: Andy Specht, Ph.D.
  • Director, Asst., Information Technology Services: Xavier Ortiz
  • Director, Institutional Grants: LeeAnne McNulty, Ed.D.
  • Director, LAP/Student Health Service/Veteran's Success Center: Stephanie Crosby, Ed.D.
  • Director, Public Safety: Dave Whitham 
  • Director, Facilities: Steven Marshall
  • Director, Public Affairs and Communications: Lauren Milbourne
  • Director, Student Activities and Outreach: Stephanie Robb
  • District Police Chief: Cathy Farley
  • Managing Director, Pacific Conservatory Theatre (PCPA): Jennifer Schwartz
  • Manager, Operations/Events, Athletics: Danah Smith
  • Project Director, K-12 Partnerships, Cooperative Work Experience and Career Development (Interim): Earl Murray, Ph.D.