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Course Repeatability

Changes that may impact you

Due to changes in the regulations that govern community colleges, many community college courses are no longer designated as repeatable. These changes may impact your ability to register for some courses.

Non-Repeatable Courses

A student may be permitted to repeat a non-repeatable course under certain circumstances. For information see “Course Attempts” under Policies and Procedures in the Allan Hancock College Catalog (see page 43 of the 2013-14 catalog).

Limited Enrollment Courses

ACTIVE PARTICIPATORY COURSES: Courses that focus on the development of physical or artistic skill sets (Art, Dance, Drama, Music, and PE).

Effective 2013, most active participatory courses in Art, Dance, Drama, Music, and PE are no longer repeatable. In addition, active participatory courses that are related in content are limited to four enrollments/experiences. See Table 1 below. If you are majoring in any of these disciplines, please see your counselor to discuss your options.

What does this mean?

If you enroll in a painting course, ART 125, and earn a satisfactory grade, you may not enroll in that course again. However, you can enroll in ART 126 or any other related painting course for a total of four enrollments/experiences in painting.

What if I receive a substandard grade or W in ART 125, may I repeat it?

Yes. You may repeat it, but all attempts count toward the four enrollments/experiences limitation.

Ex. ART 125 first attempt you get a W

Second attempt you get an A

You have now completed two of your four enrollments in painting.

If I previously enrolled in an “active participatory course” may I start the four enrollments/experiences beginning 2013 semester?

No. The four enrollments/experiences for courses that are related in content include courses you have previously taken.

Table 1: AHC Fine Arts Courses Related in Content

Art Design ART 110, 112, 113 Enrollment is limited to four (4) courses per group. Courses are not repeatable unless a substandard grade or W is received. The enrollment will then be counted as the second of the four enrollments allowed in active participatory courses. All grades received will be counted in GPA.
  Life Drawing ART 122, 123, 137
  Mixed Media ART 124, 144
  Painting ART 125, 126, 146, 127, 128, 129, 130, 150
  Composition Studies ART 133, 134, 154, 131, 132
  Ceramics ART 160, 161, 162, 163
  Sculpture ART 164, 165
  Potter’s Wheel ART 365, 366, 367,
  Culture of Ceramics ART 199G, 199H, 199J, 199K, 199L, 199M, 199N, 199P
Dance Hip Hop DANC 133, 165
  Folklorico DANC 140, 142, 145, 148
  Social Dance DANC 172, 174, 175, 178
  Choreography DANC 171, 176
  Concert Production DANC 180, 183, 186
  Applied Ballet Techniques DANC 126, 154, 160, 161
  Applied Jazz Techniques DANC 162, 163
  Stage Craft Production DANC 182, 185
  Body Conditioning DANC 155, 156, 168
Drama Acting DRMA 104, 106
  Academic Theatre DRMA 103, 110, 111
Music Vocal Instruction MUS 123, 124, 127
  Piano Instruction MUS 120, 121, 122
  Guitar Instruction MUS 125, 126


Repeatable Courses

The regulations stipulate that only certain courses can be designated as repeatable. These are identified in the college catalog and in the online Class Search:

  • Courses for which repetition is necessary to meet the major requirements of CSU or UC for completion of a bachelor's degree.
  • Courses in intercollegiate athletics - Students may enroll in and repeat a combination of intercollegiate athletic courses related to their sport, if they are CCCAA (California Community College Athletic Association) eligible. However, each student may not exceed 350 contact hours for his or her sport, per fiscal year. Of the 350 contact hours, up to 175 contacts hours can come from courses dedicated to the sport, and 175 contact hours can come from courses that focus on conditioning or skill development for the sport.
  • Courses in intercollegiate academics (non-athletic) or vocational competitions.

Students receive all grades earned each time the course is attempted. You may not alleviate a substandard grade received in a repeatable course