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Learning Skills (LS Courses)

LS 189 Independent Projects

1.0 unit.
Acceptable for credit: Transfer CSU
Grading Method: Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass
Acceptable for credit: CSU, UC-Determined after admission Courses for students capable of independent work who demonstrate the need or desire for additional study beyond the regular curriculum. Enrollment allows students to pursue activities such as directed field experience, research, or development of skills and competencies under faculty advisement and supervision. Independent projects may be earned in most disciplines. Students wishing to enroll in Independent Projects should contact the appropriate instructor identified in the class schedule. If the project proposed is acceptable to that instructor, a contract will be developed. All contracts for these classes must be completed and submitted to the Records Office no later than the end of the second week of the semester. Students may enroll for any combination (unit value) of Independent Projects 189 and/or 389 for a total of four semesters in a specific discipline. Units are awarded depending upon satisfactory performance and the amount of time committed by the student to the course. Allowable units vary according to discipline, and are based on the following formula: 1 unit - 48 hours per semester 2 units - 96 hours per semester 3 units - 144 hours per semester